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An Alternative Twelve Steps for the general population. Includes a manadala coloring page and meditation for each step. 

I created The Twelve Steps to Healing and Growth as an alternative Twelve Steps for anyone struggling with any problem.  I created my own affirmations and steps based off of the original Twelve Steps, but reformulated them with positive and empowering language.  The original Twelve Steps is limiting and requires that the person identify with their problem.  This halts the energy flow within your body and blocks healing and growth.  By changing the language to empower you on your healing process, there is an openness and flow that allows you to heal and grow.  

The Twelve Steps to Healing and Growth is a workbook that can be used as self-help or in the therapeutic process.  Each Step has a meditation, mandala coloring page that is rich in symbolism, and processing questions, all designed to enhance one's self-growth in mind, body and spirit.

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