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Art Therapy
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Art washes away from the soul

                the dust of everyday life.


While there are many definitions of art therapy, I define art therapy as the use of creative medias and ideas to bring about insight, healing and wholeness through the process of art making, through discussion of one's process and experience during art making, and through discussion of the art product.  


You do not need to be an artist or skilled at art to enjoy art therapy. The process of art making can be soothing, relaxing and enjoyable as it provides an outlet for self-expression.  Art therapy is not about how "good" your final product is, it is about being able to express yourself freely. Art therapy also provides an outlet for things that you may not be able to verbally or consciously communicate.    


Everything you create is an expression of your inner being, your soul. Every time you create, whatever you create, it is perfect as it is.  The activity of art making and discussing the process of the art making (what you were thinking and feeling while creating) can reveal things hidden from an individual's consciousness, bring about clarity to a problem, help build coping skills and social skills, and develop self-esteem.  


Processing an art product may include questions about meaning behind colors and symbols used and how the image relates to one's self and/or life at the current moment.  


As an art therapist, I do not interpret your art, but help guide you through your own self-discovery.  While there may be times where I suggest or ask something based on the meaning of colors/symbols or based on my own past experience as an art therapist, it is up to you to decide what your meaning is.  


Art therapy becomes a vehicle for what one cannot or will not express verbally, and this is why it is so successful in creating healing and growth.  For further information on art therapy, please visit the American Art Therapy Association Website at:

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