Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical means all things that are beyond the physical and all things that are abstract, philosophical and spiritual. Metaphysical healing is related to Transpersonal Therapy (also known as Spiritual Psychology) and comes out of Transpersonal Psychology.  Transpersonal therapy and psychology uses a mix of approaches from Western and Eastern traditions, with the ultimate goal of self-love and healing and growth in mind, body and spirit. 


Metaphysics and the term "transpersonal" are defined as experiences beyond normal consciousness, which include altered states of consciousness, like dreams, visions, or psychic abilities.  In metaphysical healing and transpersonal therapy, these experiences are seen as normal, instead of symptoms of mental illness. In metaphysics and transpersonal therapy, it is assumed that everyone has a soul, a higher self, and/or higher consciousness.  By exploring the soul/higher self, a person can heal.



Metaphysical Interventions...

Guided Imagery
Shadow Work
Intuitive Guidance
Crystal Healing
Psychic Abilities 
Spirit Communication
Art Therapy
Empath Education

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