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 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 

 Registered Art Therapist 

 Certified Crystal Healer 

 Trauma Specialist 

 Certified MARI Practitioner 

 Certified Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner 

About Visions

I specialize in...

Part of healing autoimmune disease, in combination with traditional medical intervention, involves discovering a root cause for the problem.  These root causes are often linked to past emotional pain that has been stored in the body. Working together, we can discover these root causes and through alternative healing techniques, work to release these blockages from your body.

Autoimmune Disease

Often times, people just want to learn more about alternative ways to be healthy. We can explore these alternatives through art therapy and energy-based modalities.

Holistic Health

Healing sessions should empower you to find ways to heal yourself, not force you to rely on a professional. I provide a more direct approach to healing, which allows you to explore yourself more deeply, and in turn gives you greater control over your own healing.


Talk therapy alone cannot heal trauma. Art Therapy and other alternative healing techniques help release trauma from the body and empower you to lead a more fulfilling life. Trauma is stored in the part of the brain that is non-verbal and art therapy reaches this same part of the brain... allowing trauma release.

Trauma / PTSD

Mindfulness-based activities have been found to reduce anxiety. You will learn how to stay in the present moment through a variety of activities that promote mindfulness, including meditation and guided imagery, which often takes you on a pleasant and relaxing journey in your mind.


There are different types of ADHD which impact different parts of the brain. Finding out which type applies to you allows you more control over your symptoms. Treatment often includes using coping skills, diet modification and referral for medication.


Changes are things we will always have to deal with in life.  Whether it's a new job, moving, changing schools, or a recent loss, we must learn to be adaptable.  Processing feelings related to these changes often creates healing and release.

Adjustment Issues

I provide multiple approaches that encourage deep evaluation of the self and provide insight into why we do what we do... allowing you to learn more about yourself and continue personal growth.


It's very common to sense and receive signs from loved ones after they pass. You are not crazy! Most people fear discussing this out of fear of judgement. I've had my own experiences with after death communication and I provide a safe environment where this topic can be discussed.

Grief, Loss & Death

Despite your best efforts, sometimes symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety continue to occur.  Inner child healing may be the key to finally finding relief from your symptoms. Inner child healing allows you to reintegrate your healed inner child into your current adult self so that you can function at your best.

Inner Child Healing

While traditional treatment for depression is helpful, I have worked with many individuals who continue to struggle with their depression.  Many have found alternative techniques helpful in treating their depression, including art therapy, chakra and crystal work, and developing a relationship with their inner guidance.


Whether you are an empath who is looking to learn more about protecting your energy field, wanting to learn more about the Chakras, desiring to contact your spirit guides, or learn more about your past lives,  I provide interventions to explore these areas and more.


My name is Michelle Pazicni and I am the creator of Visions Art Therapy, Counseling & Metaphysical Healing LLC. I am a registered art therapist (ATR) through the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) and a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in the state of Ohio.


I received my undergraduate degree in Studio Art from Cleveland State University in 2007 and I received my Masters of Arts in Art Therapy & Counseling from Ursuline College in 2012. I am also the author of "The Twelve Steps to Healing and Growth: An Alternative Twelve Steps and Mandala Coloring Page Workbook", "Empowered Visions" affirmation mandala cards and "The Inner Child Healing Deck" affirmation cards. 


I have over fifteen years of art therapy, counseling and energy healing experience working with a variety of individuals.  The early part of my career was spent working in community mental health counseling trauma survivors and offering art therapy and metaphysically-based workshops in the Cleveland, Ohio area at locations such as Goddess Elite in North Olmsted, Enchanted Grove in Willoughby and other surrounding holistic-based businesses. 


Currently, I work in my holistic-based private practice where I help adults heal a variety of concerns, as well as explore or deepen their intuitive, psychic and spiritual abilities/interests through creative, somatic and alternative/energetic interventions.  If you are an empath looking for alternative therapy that includes the use of oracle/tarot cards, intuition building, psychic development, astrology, energy healing, chakra work and inner child healing, to name a few, then I am the therapist for you!  Working together, I help you restore your own personal power by providing a safe healing environment where the therapeutic process allows you to find your voice and explore your inner self to restore healing and create growth.













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Please Note- I only work with individuals 18+


Out of Office the following days in 2024:
June 12th-June 23rd
July 4th-July 21st


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